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First Community Mortgage

First Community Mortgage is a Commercial Mortgage Broker, specializing in real estate secured commercial loans.  The company has operated in Missouri since 1983.

Why use the services of First Community Mortgage for your loan needs?
    + We represent dozens of lenders who specialize in loans for property such as medical facilities, farms, strip malls and other special use buildings. 
    + We do not carry the overhead of a bank lender.  Remember, you are paying for that fancy building and prime location in your interest rate and terms.
    + We represent you and the needs specific to your business.  We can design a loan specifically to your  business and cash flow needs.

What does it cost to use the services of First Community Mortgage?
    + Normally, we will charge you from 1/2 to 1 point (1% of the loan amount).
    + Or, typically nothing, if we are unable to place your loan.