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First Community Companies are here to assist you with many of your business and personal needs.  Originally opened and operated as First Community Mortgage in 1983, the company has now expanded into business lending, business consulting, property management, and vacation properties. 
Sorry, but we do not provide residential mortgages.  See our list of recommended local providers on our links page.

Contact Us-       3918 Hyde Park Ave
                         Columbia, MO 65201
                         Phone - 573-442-9313
                         Fax-  573-256-2789
                         e-mail- Tom@fcmcolumbia.com

Commercial Real Estate Loans

At First Community Mortgage, we offer mortgage structuring, brokerage and loan origination services to you and your business.  Our owner, Tom Smith has been involved in banking and finance for over 30 years, as a banker, mortgage lender and mortgage servicer.

Business Consulting

Starting a business, considering expansion, need negotiating power with your lender?  We can help.   Just ask us for a free 1 hour consultation about your business needs.  We would like to help you plan for the future. Are you having partnership management or partnership dissolution problems.  We can also help you resolve some of those issues.

Columbia MO housing needs

Need housing in Columbia, MO?  
Visit our sister company about our well located 2 bedroom condos from $795.00/mo.  www.hpcondos.net
Need a 3, 4 or 5 bedroom home, we have them as well.
3 bedroom duplexes from $925.00
4 bedroom duplexes from $895.00
5 bedroom duplexes and homes from $1,050.00
For all of our rental options, check out our complete list of owner managed properties at-    www.RentMidMO.com
Rental Contacts-      Tom Smith-          573-881-1367

Getting Away from it all!

Escape to Las Vegas!  Stay at one of our center strip timeshares for less than $80/ night.
Check out the property web site then talk to us about booking a getaway in one of our timeshare weeks.  Why own a timeshare when you can rent from us?
The Carriage House- Nice but Vegas on a budget, you may need the extra cash-   www.carriagehouselasvegas.com
Polo Towers -  A little Nicer, a little Bigger, a little closer.  www.polotowers.com