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First Community Mortgage - Business Consulting and Planning


Business Planning
In your business, you are the most knowledgable person, generally are the most informed, most energetic, and the best cheerleader.  But, you may not be the most constructively critical, creative, or market wise.  In business you need to be the most knowledgable about everything, but you can't spread yourself thin enough and need some help.  We will provide you consultation services to refine, direct and improve your business.  In business, you may not be able to control the winds, but with ur help, you can adjust the sails. 

Partnership Dissolution Mediation
Unfortunately, you may be in a partnership situation that may require a third party to either dissolve the partnership, or re-distribute the assets.  Many partnerships make the mistake of not having a partnership agreement, and the unfortunate result becomes the partners not communication.  We have mediated others, and would like to talk to you about helping you out of yours.

We will give you a free one hour consultation regarding your business plans, or problems.  Just call Tom at 573-881-1367.